Expect The Unexpected

So, here goes… my first ‘introductory’ post…

‘Everyone has things that can make life more challenging, for me it’s my anxiety and food intolerances. I do lots of little things to  try to help myself, this blog is another one of those little things…’

I annoyingly suffer with food intolerances (dairy, gluten/wheat,egg) and food sensitivities, alongside my anxiety. I am always trying to improve my health and lifestyle, whether it’s via what I eat, how I think, or what I do in a day. I’ve started this blog mainly for myself (selfishly), as writing is something that really helps me, and I enjoy! But I also hope that other people, with or without specific food or health complications, might read and be inspired to try something different.

I can’t specifically tell you what to expect from this blog, it could go from recipes to theatre, a day out or just my thoughts! So as Oscar Wilde said ‘Expect the unexpected’…

As I mentioned before, this blog is MY little thing, but if reading it distracts you from YOUR ‘annoying little things’ and inspires you to try some ‘positive little things’, then that would make me happy too 🙂




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