CZ’s (Comfort Zones).


Whenever I hear the words ‘comfort zones’, I always think of this bubble that surrounds me wherever I go, that bounces me away from anything that makes me feel apprehensive. Regardless of what those words mean to you, everyone has so-called ‘comfort zones’, and they can be challenging or even terrifying to get past…for a girl with anxiety, my CZ (comfort zone) is an obstacle I am constantly facing. Sounds odd for someone who loves theatre/performing, but rehearsal rooms/theatres have sort of become part of my safe little bubble!

I am doing my best to step out of my CZ, and I recently proved to myself that it is in fact possible!

A few weeks ago a friend casually asked me if I was free to model as Jessica Rabbit for one of her friends, as the model they were using was sadly ill. Hmmm, getting my hair, nails and make up done with the bonus of helping a friend…without hesitation I of course said YES!

It’s only when it gets closer to the date the anxiety kicks in. The irrational half of my brain decides to create all the terrible possibilities, whilst the other half is still excited about getting pampered (typical girly girl!). This is where I have to pop the bubble, and step out of my CZ, and I am so glad I did…..

On Tuesday 17th May:

  1. I got some sparkly nails, creative make up and wore a gorgeous dress.
  2. My Stylist was so lovely and made me feel comfortable.
  3. I helped a friend.
  4. I met new people and had giggles!
  5. I embraced feeling a bit silly in a bright red wig!
  6. And most importantly it was a NEW EXPERIENCE (I mean, when else do you get the opportunity to be Jessica Rabbit for a day!?).

If I had said no, I wouldn’t have discovered that I had nothing to worry about, or experienced any of the above; and even worse, my mind would still be tormenting me with the guilt of not helping a friend with an exam.  So, I’m writing this post as a reminder to myself that stepping out of your CZ isn’t always horrible. Yes I still felt a bit awkward, but I think I’ll always feel somewhat awkward in new situations, as that’s just me, but there’s nothing bad about that! New things may be challenging but they can be inspiring and will definitely (fingers crossed) make the next time easier.

So here I am (the one not so great at trying new things) asking you to do me a favour, and try popping your own little bubble once in a while, just to help prove to me that stepping out of the CZ is not always bad, you may even end up with some sparkly nails!

*** Big thanks to the beauty students at Cornwall College (especially Laura and Helen) for making me so comfortable and welcome!



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