Minack. Memories. Friends.

*Word of warning* – This post is a little less specific than my others, but I felt like after my week away, I had to share some thoughts…!

I’ve just come back from an incredible week away at Porthcurno, performing in ‘South Pacific’ at The Minack Theatre. My favourite venue + my favourite people + sold out performances + sunshine = A PERFECT WEEK AWAY! Minack week is always treated like a little mini holiday, and it is an ideal way to escape reality. It gave me so much space and thinking time, whilst providing loads of giggles (laughter is healing!).

One of the things that the week away has left me feeling, is that I really don’t see my friends enough. After a big gathering everyone always says things such as ‘We need to get together again soon!’ or ‘We don’t see each other enough’. But, how many of us actually acknowledge this and take the time to actively arrange regular meetings with our friends? Spending an entire week away with friends (and leaving still wanting more), has completely made me realise that I need to be proactive and dedicate time to being with others.  I think sometimes we all kind of wait for other people to organise things, and whilst doing so we waste precious time that could be spent making incredible memories…

Last week, I created some of these ‘incredible memories’, onstage and off; things I really don’t want to forget!

2 years ago I performed in Annie at the Minack, and I made a video to capture each day. I wanted to do this again, but due to such amazing weather, I spent almost zero time filming (oops). Fortunately, facebook is a fantastic thing, and I’ve managed to pinch other company members photos and footage to put together a little video. Initially this was going to be a lovely little video, with mainly show/dress run photos, but then I realised that actually, a lot of the fun happened ‘behind the scenes’ – So it has turned into 10 minutes of randomness.  To help remedy my post Minack blues, I distracted myself by editing some bits together and I hope that anyone missing our ‘South Pacific’ giggles can watch the video to help heal their post Minack blues too! (You can find the video on my Facebook – wordpress won’t let me upload it!). I had fun throwing it together so I hope you enjoy watching…

I guess the main points I’m trying to make here are…

  1. Friends are important – let’s make time for each other!
  2. Laugh more – It’s good for you!
  3. Photos/videos are a great way to keep great memories and get over those post-show blues…(Try it!)

P.S *** This show was my last (as far as I know) before I go away to Drama School in September, so thank you so much to everyone involved with the show for making the experience so special for me! x


Check out Frankie’s amazing blog post about the show week! – https://frankiegoestotheatre.wordpress.com/2016/06/09/south-pacific-the-week-in-a-nutshell/


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