Why I TRY To Use NATURAL Beauty Products

The title includes the word ‘try’ as although a large percentage of my products are completely natural, unfortunately not everything I use is (especially make up).

I have always suffered with eczema. I’m still unsure on what the complete cause for mine is. Through observation I’ve learnt that there are many different contributing factors. Stress/Mental Health always shows itself in my skin. I can’t have a panic attack without an eczema flare up around the same time. Secondly, diet affects me; as soon as I have a little extra sugar, my skin objects! Then there’s illness; if I’m unwell it will also show itself via my skin. These are the common triggers for myself and many other people. However, the biggest, most obvious thing that affects me (unsurprisingly) are skin/beauty products.

For me, the decision to use natural products came from the battle I was having with my skin when it came to showering, my skin would ALWAYS flare up after washing.

I have always used fairly good quality, widely used products. Prior to switching to natural beauty products, I was never a person comfortable with using a ‘cheap’ substitute or a brand that I did not know about. When I saw ‘suitable for sensitive skin’ I automatically presumed it would be suitable for my ‘sensitive skin’! But it turns out that my skin (like everyone else’s), doesn’t fit under just one category. If a cream helps your eczema, it might help mine, make no difference or make mine worse – everyone is different. So if everyone is different, popular beauty products won’t always be ‘popular’ with my skin. This is where I had to begin my ‘research’…

… and it’s scary what we put on our skin! There are so many chemicals and toxic ingredients; no wonder my skin wasn’t cooperating. The things I used to try to help my skin, probably contained ingredients that created the issues! From here, my journey to finding suitable soaps, shampoos/conditioners began.

The transition to natural beauty products began around the same time I had to cut out gluten/dairy/egg and alter my diet. The massively positive affects I felt from changing my diet inspired me to do the same with my skin. If changing what I ate helped reduce my symptoms then changing what I put on my skin surely must help my eczema symptoms. As soon as I switched to soaps with natural ingredients, my issues gradually calmed down. SUCCESS! Well…almost. My arms became less irritated, however the issues around my neck were (if anything) getting worse. Shampoo and conditioner were the culprits. I know I don’t put them directly on my eczema, but of course they end up on my arms, shoulders and neck (my main points of eczema) therefore triggering flare ups. I immediately switched to the first natural branded hair products I could find, and the irritation decreased dramatically. This may seem a fairly obvious solution, but it is amazing the number of people who suffer with skin issues and will use ‘special’ soaps and creams, but still wash their hair with toxic shampoos/conditioners.

Obviously I still suffer with eczema, but by going the ‘natural’ route shall we say, I am eliminating factors that could contribute to damaging my skin. No – you won’t automatically use a product that suits you, I’m still trialling products! No, it’s not cheap – but it is affordable, you just have to look around. Price can become a barrier or an excuse, but if it’s helping your body (the only thing we have), then surely a couple of extra pounds here and there are worth it?

Not only do I use natural products because my skin deserves it, but it’s also more environmentally friendly. No longer am I putting as many chemicals into the air and water. Additionally, the fragrances used in products are usually there to cover up the smell of a variety of chemicals, consequently having to use even more chemicals – which can contribute to headaches. Whereas, natural products tend to use essential oils which can also provide great aromatherapy; lavender is one of my particular favourites!

This post was simply to share a summary of my story to natural beauty products, and bring awareness to some of the ‘less discussed’ causes of skin irritation; whilst hopefully making you think about  the effects of the products you use. If your skin is suffering too, you want to help the environment or make a change to your beauty products – try experimenting with natural ingredients based products. It could solve a great number of problems as it has for me.

Where can I find these types of products?

There are so many brands catering for this now, so I don’t want to limit you with my suggestions. The best thing to do is to get online and research! Holland and Barrett, Archie Browns, local health stores and even pharmacies will all have something to offer you.

I have been in contact with the wonderful people at ‘Moogoo Skincare’ and I am currently trialling a few of their products so some more specific reviews/suggestions will be coming soon!

But to get you started the 3 main sources of my products are from –




 REMEMBER, not every product will suit you – there are hundreds of alternatives to check out! Happy discovering 🙂


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