Friends, Face masks and Fifty Shades

When I started this blog, I hoped it would provide a good place for me to capture some of my favourite memories. They might not be as fun or informative to read as other posts, but nevertheless, I want to capture them and how they made me feel.

On Thursday 11th August, I ticked ‘Girly Pamper night’ off my Summer Bucketlist! I spent the evening with two of my lovely friends. The evening consisted of some interesting facemasks (a bit of a tradition for us), followed by a ’chick flick’. Now, I think it must be some unwritten rule when you get together with friends that you need to spend a good proportion of your time together trying to pick a film. Sarah and Alex had only recently seen the film we chose and I hadn’t; they were adamant I see it too (or was it just a good excuse for them to watch it again). If you haven’t already guessed by the title of this post, the film was ’Fifty Shades of Grey’… I’ve not read the books, so it came as a bit of a shock – but wonderful topic for discussion/giggles! Our evening went up another level when we ended it with some classic ‘Spice Girls’ tunes – no girls night is complete without some classic girl power music!

The past week had felt like I had taken one massive step backwards with my anxiety, and giggles with my two crazy friends was exactly what I needed. (Thanks guys!).

I understand that some people won’t understand why I wanted to share this simple night with my friends. We didn’t go out, nothing major happened (although watching ‘Fifty Shades’ felt like a major experience!)… but it is one of those ‘little things’ that this blog is all about.

Spending time with your friends is so important. If anything, I want this post to be a reminder for people to organise a night with their friends. Because of social media, we tend to feel permanently connected to each other. But ‘real’ interaction reminds you how much more special it is to actually be in each other’s company. Life is busy, and I think we all say we will find time to be with friends, and never dedicate ENOUGH time. If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll also probably remember all the times you found a reason to postpone an event and give in to the voice in your head that justifies the decision; telling you ‘there’s always next time’.

Only the other week I managed to go for drinks with friends and we worked out how long it had been since we had all been together as a group. As lovely as it was to have so much to catch upon and talk about due to not seeing each other, it definitely shouldn’t have taken us that long to get together. We blame it on work, studying, hobbies, illness – but really, there are always a few hours to spare for your friends.

I may have ticked ‘girly pamper night’ off my bucket list – but I have no doubt that we will have another one before the summer is over. Every girl needs her dose of friends, face masks and 50 Shades of Grey (or another chick flick), with some Spice Girls background music on once in a while.


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