If you haven’t already read my post ‘Why I Try To Use Natural Beauty Products’- check it out! Reading it will help explain my journey to ‘natural’ solutions. I want to share my experiences with products to help others discover the benefits of following a ‘natural’ route.

I was first introduced to ‘Moogoo Skincare’ by my family in Australia (it is an Australian based company) in an attempt to aid my eczema. Fortunately, over the years, their products have started appearing in health shops in Cornwall –hoorah! Moogoo was my first real experience of natural products, and what a change it has made to my skin. I won’t go into detail here about the company, as their website explains everything, and is so easy to work your way around –

I also feel I should probably say (as I am lactose intolerant) that despite the ‘cow’ branding, the products I use don’t actually contain dairy!

I recently contacted the people at ‘Moogoo’ to thank them, and explain my positive experiences with some of their products. If someone does something well and helps others, I always feel they should know about it; I didn’t expect a response. However, within a few days I recieved a lovely reply, and after discussion of my blog, they were kind enough to send me products to trial and review (lucky me!).  After explaining my skin type, I put my trust in them to find the most suitable products for my skin; and they have done a wonderful job!

FYI – I planned to do these reviews prior to being sent products, so it was just a convenient, generous bonus!

This review will come in 2 parts (blog posts):

Part 1 = Creams

Part 2 = Make Up/face products

So, let’s get going…


After years of suffering with eczema, working out triggers and trying different creams, I have come to learn that when I have a flare up, the best thing for me to do is just leave my skin bare until it settles, and THEN apply creams (obviously this is my preference, your skin may be different!). I’d previously tried this MSM cream and put an excessive14124152_10209746886016476_1437711611_o layer of it on (as I did with so many other products) during a flare up – wrong! The first mistake I made was naively thinking I needed a thick layer to have a decent affect –no,no,no! My favourite thing about ‘Moogoo’ creams, is that they work best in small applications; you don’t need to be excessive to get a result. Less is more. Obviously I have learnt now to apply cream with the aim of preventing and healing. So years later, this MSM cream has been amazing!

The MSM is full of skin calming properties and alongside the almond oil (the perfect moisturiser for irritated skin), it is brilliant at healing the long-term and short-term effects that eczema has had on my skin.  Again, there is no need for me to get too detailed as their website is fantastic and breaks down each ingredient and how it helps your skin!

I use this product mainly as a preventative. My skin tends to be most prone to flare ups after hot shower/baths, so I apply it immediately after; and it does what  it says – ‘soothes’. My skin has been a lot calmer since following this routine!

Unlike many creams, this does NOT sit on your skin. My skin absorbs it super quickly; a good sign that my body likes it I think! Regardless of your skin type, this would still work well as an all over moisturiser. HOWEVER – The only thing I will add is that due to it being such a thick, easily absorbed cream, I tend not to use it on my face as it feels just bit too strong. (but that’s just me…).


Unlike the MSM Cream, this balm is specifically designed for when parts of the skin become itchy, rather than an ‘all over’ kind of product. As I mentioned before, when my skin does get itchy, I find it best to leave it alone. HOWEVER, when my skin is feeling particularly sensitive, straight after showering, I do use this product in conjuncti14123411_10209747046740494_684748274_oon with the MSM cream and apply it to the specific areas affected by eczema. I previously used one of their older products which my family in Aus had helped me stock up on. But after being sent this to trial, I have converted to it!

I have only been using this for a few weeks and already I am noticing how it reduces redness and helps even out my damaged skin. Unpredictable eczema around my shoulders has made those ‘pretty summer outfits’ a little more difficult for me, but after using this cream the shoulders are now making overdue appearances! The combinations of the 2 creams (as you can use them together!) have managed to really heal my skin and reduce the ‘damaged’ appearance.

Unlike many creams designed for eczema, this one doesn’t sting! You can kind of feel it tingling and absorbing (again super quickly), and it leaves the skin hydrated and supple (2 words rarely used by eczema sufferers!). It is for sure my new ‘go to’ cream!

The two products work well alone, but alternating between them for different areas of my skin has been even more successful. If you suffer with any sort of skin problems, I genuinely recommend you give them a go. Oh – and I should mention that they also don’t have a strong scent. Unlike prescribed eczema creams, you won’t give yourself (or anyone else) a headache with the unnatural scent!

Looking after your skin is an ongoing process, and so different for everyone. So enjoy finding the creams that work best for you!




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