MOOGOO SKINCARE REVIEW – Part 2: Make Up/Face Products

Moogoo Skincare produce a makeup range; ‘Dusty Girls’. After using two of the products from this range for only a short period of time, I know that I am going to be re-purchasing these products.


EARTH CREAM (Dusty Girls Collection)

I can’t (and DON’T) wear makeup every day. Sadly, there are those days (as we all know) where our face wants a break, but we just can’t go out without make up. This is where the earth cream comes in… It’s like a brilliant tinted moisturiser. Unlike other tinted moisturisers, this does not cling to the dry patches of skin, and instead has great coverage. It is perfect for a natural, every day look. This cream makes your skin appear radiant as it helps reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. But the best part is whilst doing all of this, the natural ingredients are healing your skin as it is full of moisturising oils. Who doesn’t want their face to look and feel great?


NATURAL MINERAL BRONZER (Dusty Girls Collection)

I am a massive fan of bronzer all year round. As someone who is naturally very pale, I love how it can transform your face. When used correctly, bronzer can really help bring out your best features. HOWEVER – I won’t touch the stuff if I think it’s going to make me orange; I want a natural, sun-kissed glow. The dusty girls bronzer is quite literally (in my opinion) the perfect shade to fulfill this purpose.

It only has a slight shimmer, to give your face a glow that looks completely natural. It is also super pigmented (a rarety for natural beauty products!) and blends so easily. Alongside the natural golden shade, it a perfect contouring tool. I feel this product is suitable for any skin type, as it is incredibly easy to gradually build layers to suit your preference.



*This product is not part of the makeup range*

I’ve never understood why lip balms HAVE to taste so awful. We use them to protect, heal
and ‘beautify’ our lips; but choose products full of chemicals, which we are naturally going to eat (they’re on our lips for goodness sake!). For this very reason, when recommending natural beauty products to people, ‘lips’ are usually the first place I start. I am also a big hater of balms that feel thick and sticky.

The cow lick lip balm, quite genuinely ticks every box for me:

  • All the ingredients are edible
  • It tastes fine!
  • It isn’t overly sticky
  • It moisturisers as well as protects

With previous lip balms, I usually lose them or forget to move them around when I change bags – and I never finish them! My cow lick balm has been travelling around with me wherever I go. It’s such a staple beauty product and for only £3, a MUST HAVE.

Both the ‘Earth Cream’ and ‘Bronzer’, in combination with the ‘Cow lick Lip Balm’, have been my perfect summer combination!



Moogoo produce types of cleansers to cater for dry, oily, normal and combination skin – they cater for all skin types. Moogoo cleansers are an incredible treatment for your skin. However, I also use them as a makeup remover too…

If you are going to wear harsh products on your skin all day, I believe you need to invest in looking after your skin from the moment you take it off. Equally, there is no point using great products, to then remove them with harsh chemicals. Often I will just use coconut oil to remove my make up (simple and effective). But my alternative is the Moogoo cleansers.

Whenever I am in a show and have to wear heavy stage make up, the oil cleansers are saviours. You hardly need to use any of it to cover your face, and then with a hot flannel (or washer if you are Australian), the make up easily comes off your face. It’s packed with a variety of incredible, moisturising oils (I’ll leave the link below for you to check them out individually). After rinsing with cold water, your skin is left soft and fresh. When I use the oil cleanser for dry skin, I often don’t even need to put on moisturiser after!

This cleanser is versatile and a bit of a miracle worker – with all the beneficial ingredients, it can only do wonders for your skin!

I hope I have given you a nice introduction to the wonderful world of ‘Moogoo Skincare’ or at least made you consider what you are actually putting on your skin…

Be kind to your body 🙂


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