Hello Autumn. . .

Despite being ‘unwell’ with a cold that won’t leave me, and regardless of the affects the weather can have on moods – I will always love this time of year. October brings with it so many of my favourite things. Sure, some of them can happen at any time of the year; but there’s something about Autumn that makes it all even better.

The beginning of Autumn sometimes gives us those wonderful rare days (here in the UK anyway) where the sun is shining, but it’s a cool, crisp day; perfect dog walking weather! Then as it gets darker, earlier in the evening, give me a blanket, a warm drink, a hot water bottle and a good film/book – there’s nothing better than a cosy night  in!

With Autumn, comes those wonderful colour palettes. Oranges, browns, berry colours…We see it in nature and in Fashion. It’s definitely my favourite time of year ‘fashion’ wise. Boots and big scarfs with a berry coloured lipstick – YES!

. . . and let’s not forget the fancy dress at HALLOWEEN. Who doesn’t love a good excuse to dress up or experiment with some make up (…maybe it’s just me). This also provides us with a fantastic excuse to be eating sugary things in preparation for watching a horror film! In fact, it doesn’t even need to be horror… the awful Halloween themed films are so bad they are good, and we only get to watch them once a year!

As well as a great selection of films, there’s also what I like to call ‘comforting TV’ (i.e. Great British Bake Off and Strictly Come Dancing). In connection with the title of my blog – settling down to watch these programmes with your family really are the ‘little things’ that we enjoy and GBBO always inspires me to do some sort of ‘autumnal’ baking!

14689205_10210170657450497_875754376_oFor me, this time of year also brings about the start of ‘Panto’ rehearsals (get your tickets!). October is always the beginning stages of the production, where we are just having fun before the real hard work/pressure kicks in! So for me, Autumn is also associated with friends and meeting new people. As an ‘actor’ this is always an enjoyable time of year for me…and with Panto rehearsals beginning, so does the countdown to Christmas. No, I’m not getting decorations out; but you know it’s getting closer when the evenings get cooler and panto rehearsals get more regular; so it’s an exciting time of year!14678098_10210170657090488_1064320981_o (1).jpg

And finally… My birthday! I turn 20 this year, so I’m not quite sure if I’m excited about my birthday or in disbelief at the fact I’ll no longer be in my teens. Either way, it’s a great chance to eat some gluten/dairy free cake!

Sometimes when there is chaos/confusion around you, it’s hard to see the things that you do have. So, despite being ‘fluey’ and stuck on the sofa… there’s always something to look forward to, no matter how ‘little’.

What are you excited about this season?

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2 thoughts on “Hello Autumn. . .

  1. Looking forward to baking those gluten free biscuits. Love the pumpkin shapes! Despite living in Australia where the weather is warmer than the U.K. Autumn is also my favourite time of the year. We have glorious deep blue skies & the ocean is also a deep blue. The days feel crisp & cool. Just luv it!


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