*Warning – too many Mary Poppins references, lots of rambling and an unstructured post below!*

Despite the blog title – this isn’t a review on ‘Mary Poppins’. Sorry!

According to Mary Poppins ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ is a word you use when you don’t know what to say. So I feel it is rather fitting for my blog at the moment (count on me to relate something to a Musical). Coincidentally, it is also a word used to describe something ‘fantastic’ or ‘extraordinary’; two words that don’t describe my blog this month.

Despite putting together a list of potential ideas for posts this month, I have repeatedly found myself sat at my laptop with nothing to type.

Sometimes I genuinely can’t express my thoughts, ideas or feelings. Perhaps I can play you a song that gives you a sense of it, but regretfully life is not a musical and bursting out into a ‘Mary Poppins-esque’ song and dance isn’t realistically going to happen. There aren’t chimney sweeps dancing on my rooftop, I don’t fly into the air when I laugh, and ‘a spoon full of sugar to make the medicine go down’ doesn’t stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Anyway, the more I have tried to force myself to come up with a ‘fantastic’ and ‘extraordinary’ blog post, the more the creative voice in my head has decided to shut off. It was only when I said to myself ‘It’s okay if you don’t have any ideas this month’ that I could proactively do some research and make a list of ideas.

I guess what I am trying to say is that it’s okay to have a bit of a blank. Especially at this time of year; the rain, the cold, the desperate countdown until our Christmas holidays… it’s natural to lose that creative energy now and then. I think we all spend our lives constantly trying to achieve things (and be ‘Practically Perfect’), that it’s not until we switch off we actually take a second to work out how to realistically get things done.

For someone who didn’t know what to say, I’ve said quite a bit – Mary Poppins was right ‘Just summon up this word, and then you’ve got a lot to say!’ (While we are here, let’s add ‘Mary Poppins’ to the list of dream Musical Theatre roles!)

This post has turned into a bit of a ramble. But hey- at least my lovely readers know that I’m still here and that everyone has times when they don’t know what to say (it’s okay!) – and I might have even inspired those rare people who haven’t seen Mary Poppins to watch it, just so this post makes a little more sense! This gap in blog posts has just been a little creative ‘Jolly Holiday’ (sadly not with Dick Van Dyke, merry-go-rounds or penguins).

Chim chim cheroo!

(Okay I’m done now I promise!)


2 thoughts on “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

  1. Alannah where did you get that delightful, romantic Mary Poppings painting? For someone like me who loves to draw & paint I feel inclined to copy it. Thanks, Lisa


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