A Pre-Christmas Clear Out (Blogmas Day 2)

We are all used to a ‘Spring’ clean rather than a ‘Winter’ one, however I feel this is the perfect time of year to ‘de-clutter’. Like many people, the weather affects my mood, and often the last thing I feel I want to use my energy on is cleaning. But, this can be the perfect time of year to do so. My first top tip is to do everything in sections – don’t try and face the whole house/room at once!

For me, the first step is usually going through my wardrobe. I find this a perfect month to reflect on clothes that I have and have not worn and get rid of things. (Be brutal!). Just think, the more you get rid of, the more space there is for the things you buy in the sales or get for Christmas!

I associate Christmas with comfort and new year/new beginnings, so for me it’s important to reflect this in my environment. The festivities also mean lots of visitors in and out of your home, so it’s a bonus to feel proud of your living space. Consequently it means I can go into the new year with *some* sense of order!

But what do we do with all our unwanted items?

  1. Can you sell them?

Selling things online can be a great opportunity to earn a bit of extra cash for Christmas. Nowadays there are so many ways to sell your things from the comfort of your home! Facebook, Ebay and Depop are all great ways of online selling!

  1. Can you donate them?

Why not get into the festive spirit and give them away! You could let your friends have a rummage for anything they want, and then donate the rest to your local charity shop.

  1. …RECYCLE or bin them!

Okay… let’s be honest, there’s going to be some things there that should’ve been thrown away a long time ago.

TOP TIP – Music is a fantastic way to keep you motivated as you work. So put on your Christmas playlist or in my case a Musical soundtrack, and get to work.

Bin bags at the ready… Let’s do this!

P.S All the moving, cleaning and organising definitely counts as a workout…

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4 thoughts on “A Pre-Christmas Clear Out (Blogmas Day 2)

  1. Great read and really helpful tips! I really need to crack on and do some major de cluttering and clear outs but the idea of facing the toy mountain scares me hahaha! I get too sentimental I think that’s my problem, I have clothes that I wore when I was 16, I’m now 26!

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