Local Christmas Markets (Blogmas Day 4)

Yesterday, my Mum and I went to ‘Etsy Made Local – St.Ives’, for our first Christmas market visit of the year! It was great to see a fantastic community of creative Etsy sellers. There was so much to see and the lights and decorations created a cosy atmosphere. There are multiple reasons why I absolutely adore browsing local markets, such as this one, at this time of year.

Firstly, it is guaranteed to make you feel festive. All the decorations and winter themed products just scream DECEMBER. It’s a far more enriching experience to browse the unique stalls, in comparison to the aisles of duplicate products within supermarkets. The further bonus of course, is the opportunity to sample products – a shopping treat for all your senses.


My favourite stall was ‘Bloom remedies – Naturally Organic’. After testing a variety of their products, we ended up buying ‘Serenity Slumber Pillow Mist’ and a ‘Deep Release Travel Candle’, (although I could’ve taken everything home!). Yes, I know I should’ve been buying presents for other people, but how could I resist these luxurious natural items?

Let’s not forget the people. These local markets always attract creative people (which are of course the best kind of people). Consequently, the atmosphere is so friendly and there are always people who want to have a chat; another feature that separates markets from larger shops. Every table owner had a smile, and I think 90% at least said hello. These little things make such a difference.

How cute are these business cards?

Christmas markets are a great place to shop when you’re stuck for gift ideas. To begin with, they provide unique, quality products that you will struggle to find elsewhere. I was utterly impressed by the variety and quality of the products. Giving something locally bought definitely shows you care. If all else fails and you can’t find presents, you will at least leave feeling inspired.

The fact that this was specifically an ‘Etsy’ market was even better, purely because it’s given me the opportunity to easily view more of the products online (and potentially re-purchase!).

I urge you to go and support your local businesses, it’s so important… and what better time of year to do so. So get yourself to your local Christmas markets for some festive fun!


*You can find your local Etsy Market here – https://www.etsy.com/uk/etsymadelocal*

Twitter – @blog_little (or search TheLittleThingsBlog)

Instagram – Thelittlethingsblog.tlt


13 thoughts on “Local Christmas Markets (Blogmas Day 4)

  1. “It’s a far more enriching experience to browse the unique stalls, in comparison to the aisles of duplicate products within supermarkets.”

    I often find this with Christmas Markets too. The same five stalls over and over. This Etsy one looks so much better though. Very jealous you have one near you.


  2. Hello, thank you for your lovely blog post about our Etsy Made Local event in St Ives. The event was part of a nationwide initiative sponsored by Etsy, and local teams all over the country organised their own events. Over the weekend there were Etsy fairs taking place in Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham, and our little fair was the only one in the South West. https://www.etsy.com/uk/etsymadelocal

    I’m so proud of our team of 8 makers who donated their time and skills to organise a wonderful event at the Guildhall in St Ives for everyone to enjoy. We also invited St Ives Food Bank to accept donations on Saturday and Sunday, and were thrilled that they managed to collect nearly £300 for families in need over Christmas. You can keep up to date with future events in 2017 on our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/makerscornwall

    Best wishes, and thank you for your support and kind words! Alison Bick

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