Feel More Festive (Blogmas Day 7)

A week into December already –  time flies! By now, I hope you are all starting to feel festive. If you aren’t quite in the Christmas spirit yet, perhaps indulging in one of the things below over the next few weeks will help you out. These things never fail to make me feel ‘christmassy’. Don’t be a Scrooge!

  •  M and M

No, I’m not talking about chocolate, I’m referring to the 2 M’S – Michael Buble and Mariah Carey; the voices of Christmas. If you’re not feeling seriously festive after some hairbrush karaoke to these two, go back to Mount Crumpit because you must be the Grinch.

Seriously though, no matter what your music taste, there’s a Christmas song for everyone (Musical Theatre lovers check out my Blogmas Day 6 post!).

  • Advent Calendars

If you don’t have one already, treat yourself. You’re never too old. It’s the one month a year where you can basically reward yourself for waking up and getting out of bed each morning – guilt free!

  • Decorating

Because who doesn’t want their home to be a Christmas Grotto?

  • Christmas Lights

Get in the car and go check out your local Christmas lights. *Avoid rush hour though, because road rage isn’t exactly the holiday cheer we are looking for*.

  •  Scents

Light some candles or partake in a bit of Christmas baking and make your home smell delicious. Just overwhelm your senses with Christmas.

  • Blogmas

A little bit of self promo never hurt anyone. If you haven’t already, read my previous blogmas posts and the ones to come. They’re all Christmas related, might amuse you and will definitely provide you with some festive ideas! Alternatively, check out all the other blogs out there as well as ‘vlogmas’!

  • Spend time with loved ones

The most important one really, because this is what Christmas is all about.  Surround yourself with people you love and visit family and friends, because Christmas is only Christmas when you’re sharing it with others.

I’m hoping that after all of the above you’ve gone from the Grinch to people mistaking you for Buddy the Elf.


What are your favourite ways to feel ‘Christmassy’?

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