Christmas in Exeter (Blogmas Day 8)

On Tuesday, my Mum, Dad and I went for an overnight stay in Exeter. We arrived in the afternoon and spent the day exploring Exeter and the Christmas markets. It was a mini stay away together, that featured lots of walking, browsing and getting in the Christmas spirit. I thought I’d make this a photo based post to mix things up a little – but of course it’s me, and I just couldn’t cope with just a pile of photos, so I had to categorize them!


Vintage Shop

Upon arriving, we found a Vintage store. I adore browsing these kinds of places; I find them extremely fascinating and inspiring.




Christmas Markets

Despite these Christmas markets not having the greatest variety, I loved the experience of walking around all the decorated wooden chalets; it made me feel festive. They did have some lovely jewellery (may or may not have bought myself a bracelet…). My favourite stalls were ‘Emma’s soap’ and a ‘Mad hatters tea party’ themed stall. I was also impressed at the range of GF/DF patisserie available; although I didn’t fancy trying any! And my ‘foodie’ Dad certainly enjoyed the street food.




Exeter Cathedral

It was great to see the Cathedral, inside and out. It was so peaceful to just sit in silence.




Christmas Lights

The icing on the cake was the Christmas lights – they created the wonderful festive atmosphere.




Before we had to leave, we took a walk down to the quay and had one last wander. There was some great live jazz music and I of course had to quickly pop into LUSH for some festive bath treats.



I know that new/unknown/crowded places aren’t an issue for lots of people, but they can be for me; so I am proud of how I coped  with everything (going mid-week was a great idea as we avoided the big crowds!). So for those of you that are worried – you can do it 🙂

As you can probably see from the photos, you don’t need to be ‘shopping’ to create that Christmassy feeling. Just browsing and exploring the unknown (to us) decorated streets would have been enough to let you know that it’s December.


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