Finding the PERFECT Christmas Tree (Blogmas Day 9)

It’s a bit of a tradition that my Dad and I go to get the Christmas tree together. I know that lots of people have fake trees nowadays, but I don’t think I could ever do that. There’s something about the individuality of real trees that I love too much! Nothing screams ‘christmas’ like the smell of a real tree.

My Dad and I headed off, late afternoon, in search of this year’s tree. We drove to the place we bought our tree from last year, feeling confident we would find another one, but every single tree was tied up (and I feel I should mention that not one Christmas song was played on the radio – what!).Second place… again, no luck. We both began asking ‘since when were Christmas trees displayed all wrapped up?’. I know you can ask to have them cut free so you can see them; but surely there’s only a certain amount of times you can ask, before you begin to look silly and overly fussy? Maybe I’m imagining things, but I thought they used to leave them alone for you to see them properly? Free the trees I say.

Anyway, we tried one last place, where the trees were ‘free’ and on full display *yippee*. Sure enough, we found our tree. It was the first one we pulled out, but we still spent a good amount of time debating over whether it was the right tree in comparison to others, that’s obligatory when tree picking right?

For those of you that do buy real trees, do you agree that subconsciously there are always certain criteria your tree has to meet? There are so many things to take into consideration: height, width, freshness, shape, type… Choosing your perfect tree is such an annual serious business (or at least it seems to be). It’s quite hilarious when you think about it really, I’m sure families must fall out over Christmas trees. The lovely lady who helped us made a good point when she said ‘what everyone considers as beautiful is different’ – and I guess she’s right. (Who knew tree choosing could become so deep…)

So, there you have it. We have our 2016 tree. He’s called Eric Noel, and I can’t wait to show him to you when he’s all decorated!

Happy Blogmas Day 9!


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