Christmas Tree 2016 (Blogmas Day 11)

We finally got around to decorating our tree (Eric Noel). I say ‘we’, but it was mostly me – because my OCD tendencies seriously kick in when trying to evenly space out Christmas decorations.

I know lots of people have a  colour scheme when it comes to their tree, but ours is more of a family one so we can’t really do that. I guess this year I’ve tried to make it traditional Christmas colours, mainly gold/silver/red and green. But we have so many sentimental decorations that we bring out every year, so there’s no real ‘theme’ and I prefer a bit of a mismatched tree if the decorations have stories to them.

So here it is…

P.S I always leave a little bit of room for the decorations we pick up over December or get given on Christmas.

Photos never do Christmas Trees justice, do they?

*Drum roll*



We got this at Exeter Christmas markets!
This glass ballerina is my favourite decoration that I’ve had since I was a child. It reminds me of the Nutcracker ballet!

I know I’ll find myself adding/moving things each day, but for now, this is our tree.

Have you got yours decorated yet?


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6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree 2016 (Blogmas Day 11)

  1. What an exquisite tree!! After seeing that tree I am now a convert to having a real tree. My favourite decorations were the ballerina & the other was what looked like a koala wearing a Santa hat. All the ribbons & the shinny silk stars add to the romantic theme. Loved the lights!! Boy are your Xmas blogs getting me into the Xmas mood. Just loving it!! Looking forward to the next Xmas blog.

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  2. I have a very funny story about Xmas trees. I used to spend a lot of my Xmas holidays at my Nana’s. Nana had a huge back yard with lots of trees and a lot of weeds. Anyway we would go up to the backyard & with one of my Nana’s large sharpe knives we would cut a branch off a tree. Honestly I think that most of the time we were cutting from a weed.

    We would then place the ugly branch into an old empty plastic plant container with rocks in it to keep the branch in place. After this we cut some Xmas paper to cover up the plastic container. I would make those funny horrible looking paper rings which would be about one metre in length. This would go over & around the tree. Fortunately my Nana had some shinny delicate Xmas balls which I hung onto the branches. They made the Xmas tree look a lot better. I just loved doing this with my Nana & to be honest in its own way the tree looked pretty.

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