The 12 Exercises Of Christmas (Blogmas Day 12)

As it’s the ‘12th’ day of Blogmas I’ve decided to share a workout I’ve been trying this month, called the ’12 Exercises of Christmas’. Those of you who know me, will know that I pride myself on trying to keep fit *emphasis on the TRY*; and as I’m posting every day of December, it seemed fitting to share a festive themed workout. I should say before I go any further that I’m in no way qualified, everything is from personal experience/things I’ve read and learnt.

I found this workout online and I simply modified it a little to work more of my body. Anyone can do this as it doesn’t require any equipment or a large amount of space. You can do as much or as little as you can until you work up stamina to complete it all. Or alternatively, do it as many times as you wish depending on your fitness levels.

Personally, I prefer short workouts, but that means I need to keep them at a fairly high intensity. So with workouts like the one below, I try to only stop between exercises and for no more than 5-10 seconds at a time.  Excluding a warm up and cool down, I’d say this would only take you between 12-20 minutes altogether, dependent on your stamina. With some Christmas tunes motivating you, the time flies!

(Don’t forget to warm up and cool down!)

  1. 15 Burpees
  2. 50 Squats
  3. 45 Second Plank
  4. 100 Jumping Jacks
  5. 50 Crunches
  6. 1 Min Wall Sit
  7. 40 Push ups (I tend to do 20 push ups + 20 tricep dips!)
  8. 40 Bicycle Crunches
  9. 30 Sec High Knees
  10. 1 Minute Jump Rope
  11. 25 Leg Kicks each side (on your hands and knees kick out to the side)
  12. 15 Jump Squats

(If you’re feeling extra energetic – REPEAT!)

I must confess that although I have been enjoying this Christmassy workout, I don’t feel like it works certain areas of my body enough; therefore I only use it as a basis for my workouts and complete extra strengthening/cardio exercises afterwards. But whether you choose to do it alone or as part of a bigger workout – it’s all good exercise!

Despite it being a challenge to get motivated in the cold winter months, I do believe it is important to maintain some level of fitness – especially to counteract all the extra sugar consumed! Remember, summer bodies are made in the winter.

I’ve not spoken a lot about exercise on my blog, but for me regular exercise is a necessity due to multiple reasons; it helps my mental health and is so important to me (plus Panto is next month, and as Principal boy I feel it’s obligatory to make sure my legs are in an appropriate condition!). Obviously you don’t need to be doing HIIT sessions all the time, but workouts like the one above don’t take long and are great if you’re like me and get bored with the same routines easily.

So, I know you’d rather curl up on the sofa, but why don’t you put on a Christmas playlist and have a go at the ’12 Exercises of Christmas’ before you do. I guarantee you’ll feel better for it!


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