What Are You Giving Back This Christmas? (Blogmas Day 13)

As it’s ‘the season for giving’, I’ve been reflecting on what I have contributed towards others this year (or more specifically this ‘festive period’) and I thought it was worth writing a blog post about, in the hope some of you might reflect too. After all, this blog is called ‘The Little Things’ and  the little things really do make a difference. We all know how I’m a fan of  ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, so I of course had to include some references to illustrate my ideas.

Giving is often associated with charitable acts. Like previous years, this November I filled a ‘shoebox’ for the Christmas shoebox appeal. I wanted to complete the small gesture of using some of my ‘Christmas budget’ to fill a box full of gifts, in the hope that I (along with all the people that make it possible) help one child smile this Christmas. If you’ve never heard of the ‘Christmas shoebox appeal’, get googling for next year – it’s so simple, yet incredibly fulfilling knowing that you may have made a difference to a child’s happiness.

Giving comes in all shapes and sizes, not just in the shape of a gift wrapped present. Giving doesn’t have to have a ‘cost’. For example, giving your time, advice, company, attention etc are all valued; often more than anything you can buy. I really hope that I’ve given each of those things to people this year – but I have a few more weeks to keep trying and make up for the times I haven’t.


I think we often take for granted how lucky we are and how much other people give to us (I certainly do). It’s not until the ‘giving’ stops that we realise how lost we are without it. Apart from the presents I buy this year, I am going to make a real effort to continually give more to others. Whilst Christmas is the perfect time of year to remember what we have and give back to those who forever give to us, I personally feel that this state of mind needs to be present throughout every month of every year.


With all that in mind, I’d just like to say thank you for all the support I am receiving on my first ‘Blogmas’, all the likes, follows and lovely comments are so appreciated. If there’s anything you want to see from my blog please let me know; I’d love to write about something that you really want to read.


Asking myself ‘What am I giving back this Christmas?’ has been both motivating and beneficial for me. I know that I can give so much more.

What are you giving back this Christmas?


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5 thoughts on “What Are You Giving Back This Christmas? (Blogmas Day 13)

  1. I once did the shoebox appeal. I loved it because it required thinking about what were the ideal items to place in the box. I found it so much fun. Another gift giving I love to do is choosing presents to go under the K.Mart wishing tree. I go around the shop choosing different items. One of the K.Mart sales ladies suggested I buy for the Mum’s & Dads. She said that they are usually forgotten. So I took her advice & besides buying for children I also bought for the adults. I might sound like a Saint but believe me when I say I’m not. If you love spending & you need an excuse to spend than you’ll just love doing this. Maybe it’s a double bonus but I find that the interesting thing about giving & I might be wrong but I think I may be getting more out of it than the person who receives the gift. Like I said if you love spending then give it a try. Trust me when I say that you will feel so good afterwards.

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