Oh Christmas Card, Oh Christmas Card… (Blogmas Day 14)

I cannot believe we are over half way through ‘Blogmas’ already. I wasn’t really sure what todays blog post was going to be dedicated to, but I ended up spending most of my Tuesday in bed (yes, it was just one of those days), watching Arthur Christmas (for the first time!?) and being a bit creative… so here goes.

Every year I go in search of some ‘unique’ Christmas cards, but with all the local markets I’ve been to recently, I felt inspired to make my own this year. I feel like it wouldn’t be the run up to Christmas if we didn’t unleash the extra creativity within us. Now this isn’t a DIY, because I think from the photos it’s all pretty self explanatory. You just need card, glue and a variety of Christmassy things to use, i.e. old wrapping paper and ribbon.

I went for two different colour schemes, and I know they’re not masterpieces (a couple shown in the photos will probably end up in the bin!), but it was fun making them – there’s a variety of different things you can do. I hope my photos give you a few ideas, and there’s so much more to get inspiration from online. The process of making them is what I want to emphasize in this blog, rather than the outcome. After having a tough Monday (because let’s be honest, not every day of Blogmas is a cheery one!), it was relaxing to just focus on one thing and give my mind a bit of a break, whilst also getting into the festive spirit.





FYI – I love receiving handmade cards, it’s much more personal; so I can’t wait to hand some of these ones out!


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