A Little LUSH December (Blogmas Day 19)

As a girl who loves my natural skin and beauty products, I am of course a massive fan of Lush (who isn’t?) and I’ve had some luxurious baths this December trying out a few of their Christmas products. I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you, as they would make thoughtful presents or alternatively, they’re a perfect treat for a cosy night in. Although I definitely feel like their prices have gone up (is it just me?), I’m sure by the end of December I’ll have tried some more of their Christmas range.



What Lush say:

 ‘Follow yonder twinkling, shimmering star all the way to the bathroom. The earthy spice of rosewood harmonises with the sweetness of vanilla absolute and bergamot oil for rejuvenating celestial waters. If you need a little post-party recovering this Christmas, just look skyward. Note: wise men not included.’

I chose this bath bomb for its fresh vanilla scent and simplicity. It fizzed quite quickly and made my bath a gorgeous icy blue, with trails of white on the surface. The blue inside was a lovely surprise as were the small dissolving confetti stars. I do wish this bath bomb had more stars and mine seemed to go straight to the bottom of the bath. But regardless, I thoroughly enjoyed the gentleness of this bath bomb. The fragrance filled the bathroom, but was not overwhelming and it left my skin feeling soft and cleansed. I felt incredibly refreshed after using it (probably the sea salt in it!). At  £2.95 this is perfect for someone who wants something fresh and gentle.



What Lush say:

‘Santa may use his dairy-free chocolate eyes to see who’s been naughty or nice come Christmas, but, at this time of year, he also looks out for the perfect batch of hand-churned shea butter. Nipping over to Ghana, he visits the Ojoba women’s cooperative, who crack and churn the shea pods into a rich, chocolatey butter. Blended with Fair Trade, organic cocoa butter, this indulgent combination is sandwiched between fragrant bergamot and geranium oils. Crumble under running water for sack loads of fruity bubbles’.


I adore Lush Bubble bars for so many reasons; firstly because you can break them up and get multiple uses from one bar and secondly because of the incredible amount of bubbles they create. I used about half of this bar for one bath (but I probably could’ve used a quarter). It made my bath a festive orangey red, and created mountains of bubbles. The sweet scent was relaxing and my bath was made silky smooth. At £3.95, I believe this is good value for money due to the amount of uses  you can get from it . Out of the three products, this definitely felt the most festive – a completely Christmassy bubble bar.



What Lush Say:

‘Father Christmas gets softening, Fair Trade cocoa butter from the Colombian Peace Community of San José de Apartadó especially for his gentle polar pal. Pop him into the water to infuse your bath with a warm and creamy perfume and dreamy softness for sublime skin. This comforting bear is also filled with fragrant cocoa powder and calming ylang ylang to melt hearts young and old.’

This is one of the cheaper bath bombs, just £1.95, and I am sure it is a bit overlooked… It was just too adorable for me to leave behind and I loved using it! It was basically like a bath oil and a bath bomb together – two for the price of one! The oil does mean you need to wash your hair separately though, be warned! Out of the three products, this was definitely the most relaxing. The cocoa butter essentially put me in bath heaven, as I could relax to the scent of chocolate. Sometimes simple is the best.


I’ve asked Santa for some Lush products, but I’m sure if I get anywhere near a Lush shop before Christmas I’ll be leaving with something. What are your favourite products this December?


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7 thoughts on “A Little LUSH December (Blogmas Day 19)

  1. Great to see that they are all made from natural products & great to learn how much you enjoy them. Allthough poor old Santa looks like he has drunk & eaten far too much & all before he has hopped onto his sleigh with his raindeers delivering presents. He looks like he could be well over the alcohol limit. 🍸🍾🌒🌠Ha, ha, ha,

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