Winter Walks (Blogmas Day 20)

One of my favourite winter activities is walking my dog. I am utterly fortunate to live right by the beach, because it means that I can go down to the sea with Wax (my dog) whenever I feel like it. I adore how fresh the air is, and there’s something incredibly cosy about coming home to the warmth after being in the cold.

My family and I traditionally go for a ‘post Christmas dinner walk’ on the beach each year which I always look forward to. Walking is also a great way to get in some daily gentle exercise in the cold month of December. Although, slipping over in a muddy puddle the other day wasn’t one of my finest moments – that turned in to a very short walk…

(Thank you to Gareth for contributing a few of these photos!)





There are a variety of beautiful locations to explore in Cornwall and when you have a dog, there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and discover them. But you don’t need a dog or the beach to enjoy yourself; wherever you live, get out there for a wintery walk. They are unbelievably refreshing (for your body and your mind), and fitting in as many winter walks as possible, is for me, a December must.

Happy Blogmas Day 20 – I can’t believe it’s almost over…


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4 thoughts on “Winter Walks (Blogmas Day 20)

  1. What beautiful photos. I love walking my dog too. I have had so much to prepare for Xmas, my dog has sadly been neglected in this area, although I intend to take him for a walk along the beach today. It is so relaxing. Despite knowing that I should go for a walk after Xmas lunch, I never do. I look like Dawn French in the Xmas episode of the “The Vicor of Dilby”. I collapse onto the bed from eating far too much. In Australia we have a day called “Boxing Day,” which is the day immediately after Xmas day, It is specifically for recovering from Xmas day. However despite having this day I think that most people continue to eat & drink in the same way as they did on Xmas day. 🎄🍮🍾🍸

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