Local Lights (Blogmas Day 21)

It doesn’t feel like Christmas if I don’t go to a local village near us called ‘Angarrack’, with my family and Gareth to see some Christmas lights. The lights get better every year and I particularly enjoy the ’12 Days of Christmas’ theme – it’s always fun to look out for each different number. Wrapping up warm, walking around the village with my family sipping at their mulled wine, whilst other families pass us by with the same festive spirit; it is a Christmas tradition that I cannot go without.

This is just one of the many ‘little things’ that make me content in December, and I believe that no matter how old you get, if something simple like this cheers you up, you should keep doing it. Last night we ticked it off the Christmas ‘to do’ list, but I have a feeling that there will be another visit before the 25th arrives…

*Cue terrible quality photos*




Going on adventures to look at local lights is one of my top ways to feel festive. Have you seen yours yet?

Happy Blogmas Day 21…


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