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During ‘Blogmas’ I was nominated by my lovely friend Frankie over on her blog ( to do the ‘Theatre Tag’. Guess what, I have finally done it! I actually found it a little difficult, as most of my answers would most likely be different in a month or so; but that’s the wonderful thing about theatre – it’s always creating new memories and provoking new thoughts!

  1. When did you start getting into theatre?

I was brought up on classic R + H musicals, such as Oklahoma!, so it has always been A PART OF my life. But I joined my local theatre group at the age of 8, and that is when it BECAME my life!

  1. How many shows have you been in?

My rough estimate (that doesn’t include concerts) is about 45!

  1. Favourite role played?

Lily St.Regis in Annie! I got to work alongside such great friends and also perform at the Minack Theatre. She is such a wonderful part to play and I loved every second.

  1. A tip you always give to the new theatre kids

LISTEN and OBSERVE! I only know what I know about theatre from doing those two things. Listen and observe, work out what you think works and what you think doesn’t, then give it a go yourself! Never stop learning from others.

  1. Biggest theatre pet peeves

Oh, my list is long…but here are a few:

– People who don’t listen.

– Talking in the wings or in the audience; it can completely ruin a show for the people watching and distract the people performing. I find it incredibly disrespectful.

– In amateur theatre I get irritated when people try to act like it’s professional.  I of course agree with making a show the best standard it can be, and as a company member acting ‘professionally’ by doing your best. But as someone who has experienced a variety of levels of theatre, I find it laughable when people get too absorbed in the minor details of amateur theatre and forget to have fun! I just want to shove them in something that isn’t ‘amateur’ for an afternoon and wake them up.

  1. Biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses

These are two things that I am always working out. I am always scrutinizing myself. I doubt my performances, which is a weakness because it means my performance is unfocused and not the best it can be. I pick staging up quickly which I guess is strength, although it often means I fall into the trap of the reliable understudy! I am also not great at picking up harmonies after singing soprano tunes my whole life. I think strengths and weaknesses grow and change over time. One day I will wake up and think, ‘wow, listen to me hit those notes!’, the next day I will wake up and feel as though my voice has had no training and should be heard by no one. Gosh, I don’t sound like a dramatic theatre girl in this post do I?

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration in theatre?

There are so many wonderful performers that have influenced me; I don’t want to limit it to one person.

Currently I admire ‘Emma Kingston’. I saw her in Priscilla and Les Mis, but she has been in a variety of productions, such as ‘In The Heights’. Her vocals are so versatile, from classical soprano to modern pop – INCREDIBLE! Sierra Boggess, Carrie Hope Fletcher and Lin-Manuel Miranda are other Musical Theatre inspirations. Oh and of course the one and only ‘Judi Dench’ alongside many other greats, but that’s a given, right?

  1. What’s your dream role?

The answer to this changes daily…

MUSICAL – Laurie or Ado Annie (Oklahoma!), Maria (WSS), Christine (Phantom), Kate (Kiss Me Kate), Nessa Rose (Wicked), Dawn (Waitress), Fantine (Les Mis) *Just so I can sing ‘You let your foreman take her awayyyyy’*, Belle (Beauty and the beast) Eliza (Hamilton) *but that would take a vocal miracle!* –  THERE ARE TOO MANY TO LIST!

THEATRE – I am all about Shakespeare so… Desdemona, Helena, Juliet (in that order).

  1. Plays or Musicals?

They both offer two completely different things; I probably have a wider musical knowledge than plays, purely due to my childhood; but regardless, I simply cannot answer this.

  1. What’s your favourite musical?

Another impossible question! I don’t think I have answered any of these properly.

The answer to this changes monthly. Honestly, I have a favourite musical per month. Recently I have loved Waitress and Hamilton of course; but if we are talking about long-term, never-fading musical love – West Side Story. The story, the characters, the choreography, the score; I genuinely view it as one of the greatest musicals ever created, it has everything.

  1. Most awkward onstage moment?

There have been a few…

Going on as a Cheshire cat understudy in ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and wearing a furry leotard that was made for someone a little larger than me, then having my microphone slide off my bra and make its way down through the side of the leotard and out by my leg for a long dance routine was a memorable one! It has resulted in me becoming very obsessive in where and how my microphone goes on. Sorry sound crew!

Additionally, forgetting my words to ‘Whistle While You Work’ during opening night of Snow White! That was the first time I’d ever had a blank on stage. I never used to worry about it, but ever since then I do!

  1. Best offstage moment?

This is so personal and there are just so many. When I did ‘West End Stage’, my dressing room was where all the dancers usually are for Phantom of The Opera. I have lots of memories of being silly with new friends and admiring the piles of pointe shoes!

Equally, performing at the Minack theatre always provides lots of giggles, especially during ‘Annie’ where I was doing a lot of filming.

Because my ‘lifestyle’ blog has such random content, it means that I have a wide range of followers. Some of you will be in theatrical heaven, others of you will have skipped through this and that’s okay! Therefore, I am leaving this one as an open tag to any one who wants to participate, or if you’re not an active ‘blogging’ follower, you can leave your answers in the comments.

Now I am going to go and listen to some Hamilton and pretend I can sing it…


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3 thoughts on “The Theatre Tag

  1. That is fascinating. Some great questions and equally top answers. Ta Petal! luv ya X

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  2. Alannah I loved how humble your answers were. Your answers were so informative and I really enjoyed understanding how theatre productions work, still your humility is what stood out for me.

    Your hilarious story in regards to the microphone slipping is so funny. I did a few plays whilst I was at school. I was Cinderela in one play that I performed in. My costume fell off & I was standing there in my underwear. Fortunately it was at the rehearsal. I was only 11 so I was so embarrassed, especially because it was infront of the boys who played other parts in the play. I ran off the stage screaming.Today I can laugh about it, but back then I was so mortified.


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