A Break In Bath

Before I get started I just want to apologise for the lack of regular posts, it’s been a busy few weeks with shows coming up! But I WILL make more of an effort to post frequently.

Last weekend Gareth and I went for an overnight stay in Bath. With work, rehearsals and life in general, we very rarely get the time for these ‘mini breaks’, so we grabbed the opportunity! We had a bit of a chipped windscreen situation before we even got out of Cornwall, but I won’t even go there! Gareth knows Bath well, but this was my first proper visit, so he was a brilliant tour guide.

We were so fortunate with the weather, one light shower and then a day full of sun. I am sure the bright weather enhanced the beauty of Bath; I loved it within moments of walking around – from the architecture and street entertainment, to the quirky shops and cafes, it was full of things to see.

We spent some time at the River Avon, which I of course recognised from the Les Mis film (I definitely didn’t dramatically sing the end bit of ‘Javert’s Suicide’ whilst standing there…*I did*…). Gareth equally enjoyed spending time there as we caught a sneak glimpse of the Rugby through the trees!


After doing our first circuit of the city, we then went to check in at our hotel, ‘The Lansdown Grove Hotel’, which was certainly a new experience. The hotel was an incredible building, but very dated, which in a weird way I kind of loved and it was right at the top of the hill, so had some great views. (Although, the supplied fan definitely saved us from over heating!)


We chose to brave the hills and walked back into the city for a wander and dinner. It was lovely to just explore and relaxing to sit and watch the world go by. I particularly enjoyed watching an artist write poetry and the streets, whilst listening to nearby buskers – so inspiring! Admittedly, we were exhausted early on in the evening after a day full of walking, so we stocked up on snacks and dragged ourselves up the massive hill to look over the city at night, which was stunning (La La Land’s  ‘City of Stars’ may or may not have been referenced whilst up there!) before returning to our room for the night.


Prior to leaving, we took an early morning tour of the Roman Bath Spas. It was so fascinating and well worth the entry fee. We even tasted the water, which we regretted immediately, but hey, it may have done some good for our bodies! Then a quick over priced smoothie and coffee before heading back on the road…


For those of you that read my blog for the ‘anxiety’ related content,  travelling can be somewhat of an issue for me, but you’ll be pleased to know that with a bit of self-talk and Gareth’s help my anxiety was actually manageable, so if you can, go and book yourself a weekend away and challenge yourself! You will most likely end up having a great time like I did – thank you Gareth!

See you soon Bath!


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